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The woman lies in the apartment, crying and shaking. Rykhus, the team’s crime scene investigator, will remember this moment for the rest of his life: the moment that delight overcame distress, leaving any trace of brutality to be shattered by an emotional outburst in the tiny studio apartment. In his life as a police officer, he is destined to see some of the most gruesome things imaginable, acts committed without restraint, but at this precise moment, inside this tiny, cramped apartment in which it is highly likely that a baby was born only 35 hours previously, he is shaken and still slightly stunned by events. The situation is overwhelming, and not only for the woman who has just been informed that the boy she believed to be dead is alive and well, and being cared for at the hospital. The tears stream down her cheeks. Rykhus wanders around the apartment, combing it for clues.
“I’ve found something over here,” he tells the others.A few bloody towels in a clothes basket. Their presence strengthens suspicions that a birth has taken place here, he concludes.Driving through the streets of Oslo, the police officers first take her to accident and emergency. Later that evening,…