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oktober 9, 2017

“I spent a lot of time and energy wondering why she did what she did. Various thoughts cross one’s mind. But she told the police a story that there was no reason to dispute. Parts of her story could be corroborated by her friends. Then there were medical indications that things could well have been as she had suggested, that the child had appeared motionless and dead to her, and that she had abandoned him in a fit of despair. All without any thought that he might actually be alive.”“There wasn’t anything to suggest that she’d done anything to the baby,” de Vibe says. Had they found any indications of that kind, things would have been very different.“The police deserve credit for having acted so unusually swiftly and humanely in this case, and all in the best interests of the child. There was never any talk of taking the woman into custody, for instance.”

De Vibe was keen to see how things would go for mother and son.“A year later, we heard that things were going well in the Philippines. After that, communication ebbed away and things fell silent. I haven’t heard a peep since then, not until you got in touch.”We had spent so long looking for him. Asbjørn Langslet. The professor and paediatrician had been present when the newborn was admitted to the hospital. He had placed the baby in an incubator, warming him up and helping to save his life. His name was listed alongside a telephone number, but he never took our calls.We call another number listed at the same address on Harald Løvenskioldsvei, a number listed as belonging to a woman named Gro Langslet.“We’re calling from Dagbladet Magazine. We’re following up a story from 1991, when a man named Asbjørn Langslet helped to save a newborn baby found in Oslo. We were…”

“That’s my husband. I can certainly imagine that to be true. He was a guardian angel for so many.”“Is he available?”“He fell ill around eight to ten years ago. He lives in a nursing home now. He’s been there for four years.”“I’m sorry to hear that.”“He’s 75 years old now, but he has nothing to offer the world these days. He suffers from advanced dementia. He’s lost to us. But he was such a fantastic man, he made such exceptional efforts to help so many people. He deserves a story all of his own. Though that would be difficult now. I remember that little boy, too. My husband told me all about him.”

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