All must know about family office conference

Family offices are quickly growing in number, and this trend is projected to continue. Family office setup, management, and regulatory frameworks are increasingly entrusted to private client advisers and financial specialists.

User groups and conferences for family offices

User conferences for family office technology are one-of-a-kind events tailored to help you succeed. These types of meetings – also known as user conferences or client conferences – are designed to help you connect with other family office conference that are using the same solutions as you. They can range from product-specific training led by subject experts to sessions on industry trends led by outside speakers.


The Family Office Group of Hong Kong (“FOAHK“) is an independent trade association for family offices in Hong Kong. They fight for the interests of family offices and foster community engagement among members, governments, and other professional organizations in Hong Kong and throughout the world as a consultative industry group. They are dedicated to sustaining the highest industry standard and compliance in the family office field by giving best practice recommendations.

Family Wealth Alliance 

They have been a member of the family office community for 15 years and works with a diverse network of family wealth businesses, including single and multi-family offices, CIOs, and HNW legal and accountancy firms. Events, literary material, webinars, and their application-required membership are just a few of the ways you may become involved.

The Family Office Association

It is a global membership organization for ultra-high-net-worth families that provides exclusive events, global summits, books, video material, and podcasts.

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