Get Amazing Deals On Cold Chamber Pressure Die Casting!

Get Amazing Deals On Cold Chamber Pressure Die Casting!

Are you looking for a way to save money on cold chamber pressure die casting? Precision die casting is one of the most efficient ways to achieve a consistent and high-quality final product from EKO when it comes to making precise and accurate castings.

About EKO

EKO has grown from its humble beginnings in a light industrial workshop in 2000 to a full-fledged production facility. This quick expansion is the consequence of significant investments in the company’s technology roadmap, which keeps it aware of new technologies and solutions. With nearly two decades of experience in Malaysia, EKO has focused on utilizing its strengths to provide solutions to customers all over the world.

What is Cold chamber Pressure Die Casting?

Cold chamber pressure die casting is a type of precision die casting used to work with metals having a high melting point, such as copper, brass, and aluminum. The procedure ensures that parts created from plastic injection moldings with the same directions are stronger, ensuring that your equipment is durable and sturdy. Cold chamber dies casting is also recognized for manufacturing metal casings that are tougher and denser, making them suited for long-term usage.

What is the specialty of cold chamber die casting?

The cylinder chamber of the cold chamber dies casting mechanism is submerged in molten metal. This direct immersion in the metal allows for a quick and easy mold injection process, resulting in increased production rates. In cold chamber pressure die casting, on the other hand, the metal is heated separately outside the machine in a furnace before being supplied into the casting chamber and pressure cast into the mold.

cold chamber pressure die casting


The fundamental benefit of cold chamber die casting is that the machinery stays cooler, allowing it to work with metals with significantly higher melting points. As a result, it can be used to die cast metals such as zinc, aluminum, brass, and copper.

Castings made in the cold chamber method offer outstanding mechanical qualities, including a smooth surface and thin falls. Depending on your individual industrial needs, both hot and cold chamber die casting are viable for producing precise castings.


Because new material must be brought in from an external furnace at the start of each manufacturing cycle, the process is a little slower than hot chamber dies casting. To fill the cold chamber with the proper amount of molten metal, the cold chamber method also necessitates a lot higher pressure.


So take advantage of the possibility to have personalized cold chamber pressure die casting and enjoy EKO’s wide range of alternatives.

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