Hong Kong-based labour and law firm

Employment and Labour law adherence has become one of the most critical challenges that any company must address. The labour and employment law firm hong kong specialists are skilled at providing advice on the multiplicity of requirements that must be followed by enterprises doing business. Their staff has extensive expertise in adapting worldwide policies to match international standards and ensuring that businesses are completely compliant with employment and labour legislation.

A highly talented team of lawyers is here for you to solve your most complicated of issues, whether it be organizational formatting, mergers, risk management, or any other employment and labour related issues, in the most practical, solution-oriented approach toward the problem along with guidance provided to the client with minimum deviation and full dedication while remaining compliant with the ethics and laws of the client corporation.

Services provided by our lawyers:

  • Workforce planning development
  • Handling of employee contracts
  • Handling of service agreements
  • Managing of employee handbooks
  • Managing of pre-IPO and IPO schemes, and other schemes
  • Handling of daily workplace issues involving safety and health
  • Data protection related to the employees
  • Workplace disputes and dismissals causing damages
  • Handling of employees regarding misconduct, harassment, or other issues
  • Extending advice and training on legal matters
  • Extending employee stock options
  • Assistance regarding downsizing or merging

Keeping in mind today’s increasingly complicated regulatory environment, legal difficulties relating to talent management may develop from time to time, necessitating the quick response of labour and employment attorneys. The  law office is familiar with our customers’ activities and is well-equipped to deliver prompt legal assistance and realistic solutions for any and all hong kong initial public offerings issues.

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