Jade Ocean Apartments For Sale And Rent

Sunny Isles is a city of beaches, located in Miami-Dale County, Florida. The city is a barrier island in northeast Miami, Florida in the United States. The Intracoastal Waterway and the Atlantic Ocean are boundaries of the city where the jade ocean miami apartments for sale and rent laid. Beach lovers would want to visit the place. Lots of apartment owners have decided to get another unit in the city because of the beautiful beach view. Owning an apartment where you will have the chance of seeing the beautiful sunset is a great chance. Now, you should avail of the apartment for sale units.

Apartments at Jade Ocean

Jade Ocean in Sunny Isles has a high-standing building where apartments are offered. A beach lover will be interested in getting an apartment. You should grab the opportunity to avail of the apartments for sale at Jade Beach. Apartments have the following features:

  • 1-6 bedrooms
  • 1-6 bathrooms
  • 1090 ft2 (332 m2) – 5730 ft2 (1,747 m2) living area

Apartments are for sale and rent. So, if you are planning on buying a unit, why not take one of their apartments? You can have choices when it comes to space. If you wanted to have a spacious unit, then you can pick one of them. There are nice units preferred for you, the 2-3 bedrooms unit. But, if you are buying for the family, why not take the 4-6  bedrooms? It depends on the number of family members.


The scenic beauty of Jade Beach

It is not denying that beaches are relaxing. Anyone can’t refuse of living in a place that is unwinding. It can easily release stress and makes you feel better. Also, it makes you feel like you are relaxed all the time. Beaches are like therapy. It can help eliminate the toxic of the busy city. It makes you breath fresh air. Plus, it makes you feel carefree. The stunning beauty of sea waves and crystallized seawater on the beach is like a therapy. It clears up your mind and forgets those head-aching workloads.

Affordable apartment units

If you are a traveler, you might be on vacation in Jade Beach. There is no problem when you seek a secure, secure and cool room to rest. You can have the apartments at the Jade Ocean in sunny isles. It is your vacation and you need something refreshing. One way to refresh your mind is to stay in a place like seeing beautiful views with no limit. The beautiful and wide seawater of Jade beach will not fail you. You will have the feeling of being in a hotel and resort. Indeed, it can only be experienced in Sunny Isles City. Check the apartments for rent and pick your choice to have a memorable vacation ever.

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