Locks that keep you safe

Locks that keep you safe

Locks are necessary when we have to safeguard something precious. Almost all the businesses might have a lock and locker facility. It is required to make sure that the items are kept safe without the intervention of any other. Retrofit locks are one type of locks that are created to fit the current cam lock frame. In this, there is no need to replace or create a new lock hole. This is provided by Locker & Lock which is a market leader in storage solutions. They are focused on constantly improving through new ideas, research and development, and the application of the latest technologies.

The firm is the fastest growing distributor of locker storage solutions and systems. They provide their services to help the customers to have safe and convenient storage according to their needs. The firm has over 30 years of experience in this field in which they have invested in innovation, space-saving technology to provide customized storage solutions to broader businesses. Through retrofit locks, they are able to come up with new and improved locking and storage systems.

Retrofit locks

Some of these locks come with a keyless feature and master key option. This will enable people to secure their homes without having to depend on a physical key. The following are the features of the locks;

  • They come with codes that make them usable even without a key.
  • The users can set the preference for 4 digit combination code.
  • The control for the master key is provided.
  • These locks are mechanically operated.
  • The locks are fit for use in plastic, metal, and wooden lockers.
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