One must know all about matrimonial investigation hongkong

Matrimonial issues may be emotional and distressing for clients, ranging from suspicions of infidelity through divorce settlements and child custody battles. It’s critical to have expert investigators on hand during such trying moments to assist you in gathering evidence to support your next move. Verification and research are required while resolving marriage disputes to protect your rights.

The matrimonial investigation hong kong, which combines surveillance and asset search, works in two directions: exposing adultery and assisting you in your child custody battle.


When you have reason to believe your spouse has extramarital relationships, surveillance work can help you validate your suspicions. The detectives are trained to be stealthy in action and keep the Subject under constant watch. If they discover that the Subject is unfaithful, they will intensively monitor it to gather intelligence, such as images, videos, and other documents. If you decide to file for divorce, the documents from the marital investigation proving infidelity and adultery will serve as irrefutable proof to help you get a divorce.

What role can matrimonial investigations play in your case?

  • Investigate the facts and proof.
  • Protect your legal rights.
  • Fight for a just divorce settlement, child custody rights, and equal property allocation.

Herald Business Consulting strictly follows these roles.

Asset Lookup

Many parts of a divorce benefit from an asset search. It primarily safeguards your financial interests. They can highlight the Subject’s financial status through a complete search that includes bank accounts, automobiles, real estate, shareholdings, corporations, and other properties to prepare for divorce settlement discussions.

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