Sustainable development with smart energy connect

Hong Kong has evolved into a compact and densely populated city with a limited supply of developable land. The growing maturity of green building and our city’s complex backdrop has called for a holistic, sustainable built environment for the city to thrive in the long run.

For building sustainably, a good environment smart energy connect has and is still finding ways to protect our environment and make it a better place.

Smart energy connect

CLP innovation enterprises launched Smart Energy Connect in 2019. To develop a digital platform to make sustainability and practical reality. By introducing practical and impactful energy management technology to the city, they accelerate the adoption of energy management solutions.

Smart energy connect partner with their customers on their decarbonization journey every step of the way. In this short period, smart energy connect is fortunate to have many joining us in the act on the climate crisis. In 2020 alone, they saved over 250000-kilowatt hours of energy and reduced over 90 tons of carbon emissions for Hong Kong.

SEC connects to organizations of all sizes, fostering wider adoption of sustainability technologies in society.

Sum Up

SEC offers innovative end-to-end solutions to help you reduce your carbon footprint. Buildings account for 90% of the electricity use in Hong Kong in over 60% carbon emissions. Every day, the facility management team has a lot to manage, such as mechanical equipment failures and complaints about room temperature, etc., and the EC building solution manages it all.

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