Whatsapp Status Messages – Cut the Monotony

WhatsApp messenger is completely synchronised with the built in memory of the handset so that users can directly share, contacts saved on the handheld, photographs and videos saved under the gallery or album option of the phone and audio recordings.

Here are 20 status messages that you can look at –

  1. Sometimes I smile at life because it is tired off upsetting me.whatsapp
  2. It is always better to prove and show our dreams than announce it to people.
  3. Some are vegetarians for life time and some are only on Tuesday and Saturday
  4. I feel optimists are dangerous than pessimists. This I felt because pessimists won’t ask his money back once borrowed.
  5. It is so true that marriage is a workshop. Many have experience the same. Husbands work hard and wife shops.
  6. Some are really good at slee They can even do this with their eyes closed
  7. Please help in selling my parachute. It’s a brand new product. But sorry…used once. But I can guarantee it never opened.
  8. Our world is so amazing that babies born here are getting really surprised, they go speechless. Only after few years they start talking.
  9. f course falling in love is the first thing I want. But I want something else too. That is staying in love.
  10. Please …please imagine how big this universe is…then you will understand how much I love you.
  11. Even when I am tired…I feel like smiling once I look at your face. Hey…I think I am in love with you.
  12. I was feeling that best thing had happened to me. I was not able to find what it was. Then I realized I fell in love with you.
  13. As long as you love someone you will be happy. Once you came to know that they don’t love you back, it really hurts
  14. Work hard and That will take care of your introduction.
  15. Only after burning …you can shine. I can give example. There are many. One among them is sun.
  16. I started loving you for two things. One is for what you are. Other is what I am in your company.
  17. I was searching for life. I think I found it. I love you.
  18. I have a problem. I am not like everyone else. I started falling in love every day. But people say…they fall in love only once. But good thing is I fall each day with the same person.
  19. I cannot guarantee you that I will love you for rest of your life. But one thing for sure. I will love for rest of mine.
  20. Are you comfortable in my hug? I can make you feel more comfortable by keeping you permanently in my arms.

Whatsapp offers users the flexibility to take an instant picture through the phone’s camera and directly send it to the recipient. One of the best features of this option is the fact that the application is also synchronised with Google Maps via satellite and one can even share their geographical location through this feature. It offers a great option for providing security to the mobile user.

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