Key tips when buying a used cars

These days the sale of used cars has been stable, around many thousand units arebeing sold.  Looking to the last few months of the year, almost everyone expects to continue with these positive figures as a result of the low supply of zero kilometer cars, the impossibility of saving in money and the high exchange rate gap.

Given this scenario, those interested who cannot exchange their car for a new one because the model they want is not in stock or because they do not have the money, can find very good opportunities in used cars.  These are few key tips when buying a used cars in el cajon one:

  1. General exterior aesthetics

 The first impression of course counts.  The aesthetic is very important and is usually the easiest to see.  It is advisable to go around the car several times, look at it from above and below and check the general condition of the paint, the windshield, the rear window and the headlights.  Open and close all the doors, not forgetting the trunk and the hood, and make sure there are no frictions or strange noises.

  1. Aesthetics and interior care

 After the external inspection, do a thorough internal inspection.  A good practice is to sit in each of the seats, both front and rear, touch everything around, roll the windows up and down, look at the ceiling and the carpets, as well as remove and put back the head restraints. The greatest time should be devoted to the driver’s compartment and all the instruments and accessories that are around it.  Cars come with more and more accessories.  Take the time to try each one, from each seat belt to the sunroof, the audio system or the touch screen if there is one.

Before moving on to the mechanical and electronic checks, it is essential to ask the following three questions:

 What maintenance did the car have and where?

 When were they made?

What use was given to the car?

 The purpose of these three questions is to have the peace of mind and certainty that the used vehicle has been properly cared for and maintained.

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